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DocGPT connects GPT-4 with a Document Cloud and
lets you automate any document related task.
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Top tier pdf editor

A new kind of Research Tool.

DocGPT sets a new standard for working with documents by combining pro PDF editor features with generative AI.

DocGPT uses Tools.

Say, you want to create a Scientific Paper based on some documents in your Cloud. You can tell DocGPT to search on arXiv, Wikipedia or other external sources for further information to improve your paper.

GPT-4 + Document Cloud

Dramatically reduce the time you spend working on documents.
Directly communicate with your document.
DocGPT reads every document you upload and answers any questions you have. It even returns the page, where the information can be found and adds its own knowledge.

This makes you understand the content of your documents way faster and dramatically improves your productivity.
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DocGPT automatically creates content from your docs.
Need to write a Scientific Paper, Business Plan, or Essay?

DocGPT can automatically create complex documents in any length based on all documents, you upload into your Cloud. It even adds references to any thought it writes down.
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You ONLY pay for generated insights, only if you want - all other services are free.
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✅ State-of-the-art Pro PDF editor
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Introducing DocGPT: The Revolutionary PDF Editor with AI-Powered Generative Capabilities
Introducing DocGPT, a revolutionary web application that combines the power of a PDF editor with Generative AI to increase the efficiency of users while working with PDF documents. This innovative tool, available at, is set to change the way we work with PDF documents forever...
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Jan Luca Sandmann Is Bringing Generative AI to Document Creation
What are you building, and who benefits most from it? DocGPT is a web-based PDF editor that runs on GPT-4 and reads every PDF document a user opens. It can answer any question about the document and generate content such as summaries, essays, homework, reports, etc. This is especially interesting for any student or people who work a lot with contracts...
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